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Door Shield

Door Shield
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Introducing the toughest door shield on the market. Even the biggest dog doesn't stand a chance against my Door Shields!

Super tough Door Shields to protect your doors from pet claws and scratches. Unlike other door guards that you can cut with a scissor, ours isn't a "film" that allows indentations and claw marks. Our Door Shields are way too tough to cut, which means they get the job done right.

  • Made of crystal clear Polycarbonate, the same material as bullet proof glass.
  • Measures 28"H x 16"W to cover a large area of your door.
  • Easily installed with included peel-and-stick Low Profile Dual Lock Coins by 3M.
  • Made in the USA and backed by a lifetime guarantee.
I can also make you a custom Door Shield or a piece for the trim next to the door. Please contact me with any questions at SILLSHIELD@YAHOO.COM or call me: 845-477-0737


As soon as I began selling window sill protectors, customers asked me if I also had something for doors. I looked around and found that unlike a window sill protector, there was an existing product for doors. I ordered it thinking that if I liked it, I’d find who made them and see if I could add it to my product line. As soon as I opened the box, I knew a rolled up, purplish sheet, that you could trim with a scissors was not something I would want associated with my high quality Sill Shield.

I knew it should be made from a material called Polycarbonate. This is the same material used around hockey rinks and in bullet proof glass. Due to the weight of this material, I had to limit the size of the shield or it would be too heavy for the 3M mounting coins and would need to be screwed into the wood but the 28” x 16” shield works just fine and covers about half the door below the knob. Fortunately, most dogs know which side opens and rarely do the scratch the hinge side.

As with the Sill Shield, I can do various customizations, including making strips to cover the molding around the door and drilling holes for knobs or locks, so the shield can be mounted higher.

Please contact me with any questions at SILLSHIELD@YAHOO.COM or call 845-477-0737

5 Stars
Great product. Does just what we needed and easy to install. Could not be happier.
Reviewed by:  from New Harmony, in. on 8/1/2017

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