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Custom Depth Sill Shield

Custom Depth Sill Shield
Custom Depth Sill Shield
Your Price: $18.99
Part Number:WSS-CS-2-2
  • Available in White or Clear.

  • Protects the wood surface beneath from both scratches AND impact!

  • Easily installed with included peel-and-stick Low Profile Dual Lock Coins by 3M.

  • No tools required for installation. Get set-up in under a minute!

  • NOTE: Maximum custom depth is 5 1/4". Standard width options are 23.5", 29.5", and 35.5".

  • Could you use a stock size instead? View our standard sizes.

  • For questions or notches, or to order by phone, contact me at [email protected] or call 845-477-0737

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Custom depth windowsill protectors, available in clear or white. Enter your custom Sill Shield™ depth (front edge of the sill toward your window - maximum 5 1/4"), and choose a standard width (left to right along the length of the windowsill: 23.5", 29.5", or 35.5").

All of my Sill Shields have a 1” drop in the front to wrap around the corner of the sill. You can order online, or by phone at 845-477-0737.

After years of constantly repainting my sills, they finally got to the point where the wood was so damaged, they had to be replaced. I wasn’t able to find a product to protect the new ones, so I created the first Sill Shield™. My sills are white, so I chose a white outdoor grade U.V. material to resist yellowing. For the clear Sill Shields, I chose a material called PETG, a tough, clear material best known for making blister packs.

It worked so well that I decided to offer it to everyone in several standard sizes that fit many common window sills. Be sure to check out the Standard Sill Shields in case a stock size works for you:
Sill Shield Windowsill Protector Standard Sizes

The quality of my original Sill Shield™ is superior to any other windowsill protector, and that’s why I’m the only one that offers my exclusive lifetime guarantee: As long as I’m alive, they’re guaranteed - when I’m gone, you’re on your own.

If you need special customization, such as a notch for a crank, email me at [email protected] and please send a picture if possible.
Window Sill Guard with notch cut out

Thank you,
Gary Castelle

5 Stars
Thanks for this product
We have two dogs who LOVE to watch the passerbys! With that means destruction to the window sills. This is the perfect solution to keep them fresh looking and easy to wipe clean.
Reviewed by:  from Newark. on 12/21/2020
5 Stars
Wonderful product and exceptional service
I needed a barrier between the metal back on my kitchen chairs and the window trim. I have tried so many optiom from foam tape to repainting. Nothing worked and nothing lasted. Then I custom ordered these sill shields and problem solved. They are very beautiful, so easy to install and will last a lifetime. I even got them for my other windows where the dog puts her dirty paws and scratches the paint off the sills. And I got confused while ordering and the kind customer service people made the change easily! Cannot say enough good.
Reviewed by:  from Fort Collins. on 12/19/2020
5 Stars
Exactly what I was looking for
This is a simple product and exactly what was needed. Recently remodeled my kitchen and had new sills installed. To prevent my dogs from tearing them up I had these installed in minutes. Easy to cut to fit around trim. Highly recommend.
Reviewed by:  from Collegeville PA. on 11/19/2020
5 Stars
Great product
I was so happy to find this product online. Having 2 small dogs who jump to the window even at the sound of the wind, I couldn't stand looking at the scratches on the windowsill any longer. Sanded it down, refinished and protected with this product. Fit perfectly to the size I ordered and is clear so you can still see the sill. It hasn't stopped them from jumping there but with no scratches anymore- (not even on this product.) Would not hesitate to purchase this again.
Reviewed by:  from newton. on 11/8/2020
5 Stars
I can't tell you how pleased I am with my custom sill shield! It fits on my windowsill absolutely perfectly. It is thick, sturdy, and covers the windowsill so well. We have two large dogs who like to jump up and look out of our front window, and they were tearing up the windowsill pretty badly in our new home. Our Sill Shield protects the windowsills so well, I will seriously never have to worry about them again! AND you're supporting a small business, and not the "other guys" on that big website (you know the one).
Reviewed by:  from Mason, MI. on 6/29/2020

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