Easy installation - no tools required

All my shields install quickly and easily with the use of peel & stick Low Profile Dual Lock Coins by 3M which are included.

Dual Lock works like Velcro but it differs in that there is no fuzzy side.  Any 2 coins will mate together and hold your shield firmly in place.  Removing the coins permanently may leave a little sticky but that is easily cleaned with any household cleaner. 

Since 2006, no customer has ever contacted me with a problem removing the coins but for people who are really worried, you can substitute a product called Command Strips for the mounting coins. 

You've probably seen Command Strips advertised on TV for hanging things like hooks and pictures.   They work in a similar fashion to my coins but are designed to come off quickly and cleanly.  They are available just about anywhere (supermarkets, drug stores, hardware stores, Amazon etc.)


How to install Sill Shields
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