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Introducing the toughest door shields on the market! 

All of our Door Shields measure 28" x 16" and attach easily and securely to any door WITHOUT the use of tools or foam tape by using peel-and-stick Low Profile Dual Lock Velcro-like coins by 3M (included with your order).

Our heavy duty Clear Door Shields are made from crystal clear Polycarbonate, the same material as bullet proof glass.
You can't cut our door shield with a scissor! 
Now on sale for only $24.95 (regular price $29.95)...only at www.sillshield.com!

For bargain hunters, our white door shields are made from super tough ABS and are only $15.95. All of our shields can be easily removed and replaced thanks to the Velcro-like Dual Lock Coins so even if the white doesn't match your decor, they can be popped off and put away when company comes over.

We guarantee our door shields to be the strongest you can find!

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